Monetization &  Web Development 

Our Monetization services

Monetization is what we do best, here is why


Multi-channel user acquisition technology for apps, browser extensions and lead gen products


Analyzing massive amounts of data to quickly identify opportunities and new businesses

High Performance

With our proprietary technology,  you will get the right user at the right time to optimize your campaigns 

Web Development

We are the kings of dev. Every task is doable. 

Apps & Extensions

We build apps for more than 10 years now.

Browser extension for Chrome, FF & Edge, apps for android and iOS, just name it. 


DevOps service is something every company needs. we provide high-quality server and ops management to secure a smooth operation. 


Need a piece of advice? want to change your system architecture? we can help. Just ping us and let's see what can be done. 

Our team

Our team combines a unique quality of dedicated employees, always striving to make the online advertising and web experiences as simple and easy as possible in order to provide our partners with the most value.

Our passion stems from combining our industry knowledge and technologies with your company’s goals to build you the most effective revenue-generating media plan. Over the last couple of years we’ve built brands and solutions in various media markets, including user acquisition platforms, video ads, browser extensions, in-house developed browser, software distribution ad-server, content websites in a variety of areas and many more.

We’re very passionate about the internet, technology, and engaging people on the web. We love it and have been doing it for many many years.